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New UL Lafayette Dorms Open to Students

January 1, 2012

Hundreds of students at UL Lafayette will have a new place to call home on campus.   After a year of construction Huger Hall is now ready for students to move-in and just in time for the start of the spring semester.

The new semester also means a new place to live for hundreds of students who are moving into the new dorms on UL’s campus. The campus has not always had adequate housing, but this ongoing project hopes to provide over 1800 beds.

Two housing facilities are now complete with two more under construction.  It’s all part of a 100-million dollar housing project that started late last year which includes the completed multi-story parking garage adjacent to the new dorms.  The developers of the state-of-the-art facilities had a clean modern design in mind when building.

Each dormitory can house over 460 students so if you do the math. There will be about 1,850 new beds on campus by the end of construction.  Before the project broke ground…space was an issue forcing many students to live off-campus and commute.  And it was the student’s voice that made university listen up.

“A lot of students wanted to live on campus but there was nowhere to live. So, these are going to provide the quantity they need but also the quality that they demand” says Director of faculty management Bill Crist.

The University says the other two dorm facilities should be open and ready for student move-in just in time for the fall semester.

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