Coyote Village Nears Completion

July 28, 2010

VERMILLION, SD – The University of South Dakota is quiet for now, but in a few weeks, students will start pouring back onto campus and likely notice a new building.

“This is not a dorm. A dorm is a place where you eat and sleep back in the day. This is a residence hall. This is a place where students eat, sleep, learn and they grow,” Assistant Dean of Students Pinky Miller said.

Coyote Village will house 550 students and include a 30-seat theatre, gaming room and convenience store with Starbucks drip coffee.

But with summer winding down, only about half the rooms are spoken for, which is what administrators say they’d planned for all along.

“Anything more than that would be tremendous,” Miller said.

And even though there’s only about a month left until the start of school, administrators say they are not worried about this new residence hall filling up.

“I think when the students left school at the end of May, we weren’t quite finished yet, but once the students get here in August and they see all of the great amenities and they’ll see everything that’s finished, I honestly believe we will fill up a lot faster,” Miller said.

The new hall opens to residents August 1, and school officials are looking forward to welcoming students to their new home.

“We’re just very excited. We are excited for this new building and we are excited to be able to meet the needs of our students because this is what they’ve asked for and we are giving it to them,” Miller said.

Coyote Village will have its grand opening on September 2.

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