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With employee health and wellbeing in mind, we take pride in offering full-time employees a competitive, comprehensive, and innovative benefits package.

Team Testimonials

Jeremy Doss

Senior Vice President, Development

Beginning as a college intern in 2001, RISE has always provided me with an encouraging environment that made personal development a top priority. The growth I’ve experienced through the years has come from serving in a multitude of capacities and has equipped me with the tools to be personally successful as well as to contribute to the success of the company.

Carla Ashley

Development Coordinator

What I like about our culture the best is that we sincerely care about and respect each other and the quality of the work we produce. We’re all human, so not every day is perfect. But at the end of the day I know we’re working towards a common goal which benefits us all, as well as those we want to impact in a positive way! I appreciate being a part of our RISE family and can’t imagine working for another company or with a different group of people.

Kristy Anderson

Property Controller

Working at RISE has had a tremendous impact on my career. RISE has provided me with the tools, guidance, and opportunities needed to succeed and grow within the company. RISE treats its employees like family, they truly want us all to be successful in our professional and personal lives.

Training & Development Approach



At RISE, we believe leaders aren’t trained; they’re developed by creating a space that fosters future thinking—creating successful, effective, and influential leaders with a sense of purpose.



Our engaging, easy-to-implement programs are grounded in real-world thought leadership and research. These programs are designed to be experiential, provide immediate, actionable insights, and empower leaders to lead with courage and confidence, step out and act, and remain agile.



RISE believes in future leaders, which is why our leadership programs are open to all team members. Thriving in a fast-paced, often creative environment where things change quickly means every RISE team member should grow their skills to become experienced in all aspects of leadership.



Our programs are designed to inspire rich debate and dialogue among our team members as they acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools to help them drive success for our organization, both immediately and in the future.



We understand that today’s leaders are hungry for opportunities to have an impact on not only their own communities, but on the world. Our programs develop resilient leaders that serve both the organization and community by being solution-oriented and having a strong desire to win the right way—with integrity and character.

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