Our Story

Since 1995, our company has made a name for itself as an industry leader in multi-family and student housing development, management and financing. In 1995, Ryan Holmes, RISE Chief Executive Officer, broke ground on our first student housing project in Valdosta, Georgia ($10M, 348 beds), from which our property management company was launched. Our history is abounding with intentional moves, such as our 2015 rebrand from Ambling University Development Group (AUDG), to grow RISE into the cultural pioneer of the industry that we are today.

After 20 years as AUDG, we changed our name to RISE: A Real Estate Company. This name change represents a reaffirmation of our purpose: to positively impact others. Just as important, it’s a renewal of our commitment to partners and residents alike to hold ourselves to a higher standard. What didn’t change is who we are, the way we do business, and who we do business with. We remain steadfast and sincere in our dedication to the values that lifted us to where we are today.

  • Reasonable and Reliable
  • Inspired and Impactful
  • Serve and Simplify
  • Experienced and Empowering

Mission & Culture


The RISE mission is to improve lives and impact people positively – one person at a time. We believe it really is as simple as that. Numbers are what they are. We measure our true success by client satisfaction and by how we are able to improve lives in our day-to-day work.

We live out our mission through leadership training, culture programs, community service and The Perry Project. The Perry Project was established in 2014 to celebrate Charles Perry, our former managing partner. Generous donations from Charles Perry’s friends and family supported our inaugural distribution of nearly 3,000 bibles in 2015 and has grown to where we are now able to place a bible in every bed we manage and/or develop.


The motto ‘Love. Serve. Care.’ is the backbone of our culture. Adopted from Jon Gordon’s book, The Carpenter, this encapsulates what RISE is all about. As a faith-based company guided by Godly principles, we place a strong emphasis on how we treat our partners, residents and each other.

We continually focus on aligning our day-to-day operations with our values and spend time and resources on team-building activities like daily devotions and annual leadership conferences to develop purposeful ways to put our principles into practice.

Our team is unified through our devotion to our faith and to a higher standard of service. We build communities, yes. But we thrive on building meaningful relationships. At RISE, we find that giving back is the groundwork for any great partnership.

Our Team

Ryan Holmes

Chief Executive Officer

Greg Blais


Greg Hunter

Chief Financial Officer

Courtney Gordon

Senior Vice President, Operations

Jeremy Doss

Vice President, Development

Paul Morgan

Vice President, Development

Rob Tharpe

Vice President, Development

Courtney Redmond

Regional Director

Carl Jones

Regional Director

Matt Marshall

Vice President, Development

Carla Ashley

Development Coordinator

John Barefoot

Development Project Manager

Nevin Anderson

Development Project Manager

Chris Jackson

Regional Maintenance Director

David Williams

Vice President of Finance & Accounting

Vyron Bernard

Construction Project Manager

Kristy Anderson

Property Controller

Ryan Bourque

Development Manager, Acquisitions

Alana Savoie

Regional Director

Brett Johnson

Director of Human Resources

Tesa Spray

Corporate Controller

Ben McLendon

Director of IT

Fania Braaf

Brand Manager

Carlos Galvez

Software Platform Analyst